I love to play with chocolate and I confess that I am totally addicted to chocolate – London escorts



Chocolate is actually good for you, and I keep a big box at London escorts. It does not always come out to play, but on occasion, I do like to play with my chocolate. I call it indulging my chocolate pleasures and many of the < at escorts in London laugh at me. They think that I am a bit nuts, and that I have taken my chocolate pleasures a little bit too far. I cannot help it, I just love my chocolate.


My favorite chocolate is called Godiva and you can buy it in places like Harrods. I never go over the top with it, but I do buy a box a week which I keep at escorts in London. It is the perfect chocolate to serve with a glass of champagne. Lots of my gentlemen callers at Cheap London escorts do like to indulge themselves from time to time, and I like to give them a glass of champagne served with a couple of Godiva chocolates. Like I say, chocolate can really put you in the right mood.


To be honest, I am not that into chocolate spread. I know that some people have a real fetish about it, but I don’t like the taste of it. My of my previous boyfriends used to love it, but I was a lot less keen. Quality chocolate is important to me, and most of the gents that I met through escorts in London appreciate good quality chocolate as much as I do. A couple of my colleagues at London escorts do have dates that have a passion for chocolate spread, but I am glad to say that I am not one of those.


Nutella is the one chocolate spread I have a lot of time for. Yes, it is packed with sugar, but it just tastes so nice. One of my dates at escorts in London loves Nutella as much as I do, and we often have a couple of slices of toast with Nutella just before he leaves to regain our strength. Nutella is really versatile, and you can bake with it. One of my regular dates at London escorts, recently celebrated his birthday and I made him a mug cake with Nutella and put a heart shaped candle on top. He absolutely loved it.


I am addicted to chocolate, and once I leave London escorts, I would indeed consider having my own chocolate shop. It would be so good to help clients with their chocolate choices, and I would get the chance to try some of the finest chocolates in the entire world. Clearly I would have to spend lots more time at the gym, but I think it would be a real dream job for me. Rents are expensive in London, but I do know that many of us like to indulge our chocolate pleasures. I certainly do in more ways than one, maybe you do as well…

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