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I always used to return home to Reading when Reading Football Club were playing. It was a great day out and I love the buzz around reading football club. However, I soon came to appreciate that there is more to the new exciting Reading than just football. To be honest, I never thought about dating escorts in Reading before, but it turns out that the Reading escorts service has come along way in recent years. The girls are said to be hot and sexy. Isn’t that what every man wants from an escort service?

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When I moved to London, I had never dated escorts before. But, I found it kind of hard to find a girlfriend in London, so is tarted to date escorts. Yes, I had a great time, and I must say that I got kind of addicted to dating escorts. I am still into dating escorts, the only difference is that I date hot Reading escorts on match days as well. Not only is it cheaper to date in Reading, but I find the entire dating experience different.


The girls that I date at Reading escorts have a little bit less experience of dating, but that is what I like about them. Their way of dating is kind of rawer and more refreshing. Some of the girls that I meet up with in London seem to be an auto-pilot, and it is clear that they have a lot of dates. So far, all of the girls that I have met in reading have been a lot more sensual and fun to be around. They love to go that little further than other escorts, and I have to admit that I rather like about them.


Many of the girls who work for Reading escorts services are foreign. In London, if you would like to meet up with an exotic girl, it will cost you a fortune. To enjoy a hot date with an Indian babe in Reading is a lot cheaper and I would have to say that it is more fun as well. They are sort of more exciting and like to share a lot more experiences with you. I like that and I think that is one of the reasons why I am slowly becoming addicted to dating Reading escorts on my old home turf.


Would I move back to Reading? I don’t know if I would move back to Reading. The thing is that I am rather settled in London. Back in London I have my own flat and a good job. It would be kind of silly to give all of that up and move back to Reading. But then again, I could sell my flat in London and buy something a bit better. Anyway, those are all future plans. It would be nice to be back in reading, but I am so used to living in London, that I am not sure that Reading is for me anymore. That being said, the hot girls at Reading escorts are certainly for me.


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