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Sometimes having sufficient income in your life may not necessarily reflect the happy life you live. This is because as an adult, one needs to learn how to optimize happiness and satisfaction especially in marriage so that you don’t seem to be enjoying what life has offered yet you are suffering in silence. Now, sex life cannot be overlooked when craving for a happy living, in fact as a man you need to learn how to satisfy your wife no only financially, but also “sexually”.

Some people think that mere penetration is enough to satisfy your partner but this is not the case. Going all night doesn’t make you a sex guru but complementing it with “romance” definitely proves your worth and this is what we can refer to a happy sex life. If you want your partner to keep coming for more, here are some golden rules to consider.

1. Begin with foreplay before penetrating

If you ask women, many of them want more foreplay yet several men do a little of it thinking that it is just a warm up before the main event (penetration). Men reach orgasm more quickly compared to women and so spending more time in foreplay enables both parties to come at almost the same time.

2. Know the exact location of the clitoris

This is because you need to focus your attention on the clitoris, which is the most sensitive sexual organ and can make a woman to reach orgasm quickly. Men need to use their hands or oral sex to stimulate this organ as a complement to penetration. Knowing where the clitoris is located enables you to take more time than you do to other sensitive parts like breasts, waist, etc.

3. Compliment your partner

Imagine making love the whole night and eventually leaving the bedroom without even talking about how sweet the act was! Of course sex is enjoyable but you need to let the other party feel he/she satisfied your emotions so that next time no one feels there is something wrong. Women feel appreciated when they are told how great they look, smell, or anything else that is positive so that they don’t feel self-conscious or stop enjoying sex.

Take your time during foreplay and tell your partner the goodies he/she deserves while learning what works for him/her. You can also go ahead to ask your partner what he/she likes most. This is because communicating about sex enables you to discover your partner’s secret fantasies and know the areas you need to improve or avoid. Finally, always remember that the more attention shown to your wife, the more she wants to make love with you.

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